Lawbase Legal Systems.

Specialist suppliers of software for Probate, Executry and Wills work.

For exactly 20 years Lawbase has supplied high quality software to the legal profession. Our customers include practices of every size and type as well as the legal departments of top 500 companies and institutions.

Lawbase concentrates on specialised areas of legal work that require complex financial routines, integrated form filling and sophisticated document drafting as well as standard case management.

Lawbase is known for producing innovative software. We identify and apply the most relevant technologies to provide the best possible solutions.

Most recently we have examined the delivery of our software. We don't believe that access to sophisticated packages should be available only to firms with deep pockets. Our new Internet service means that Lawbase is simply and affordably accessible by anyone.

We always keep in mind the needs of the person who will be using our software. In consequence, Lawbase is well regarded for its ease of use as well as for its technical excellence and reliability.

We give the responsive service that you would associate with a small company but we are part of the CDL Group that employs over 240 employee's in London and Manchester with an impressive depth and breadth of expertise.