The provision and administration of grants to individuals, projects, educational schemes and support networks is the fundamental reason for existence of many organisations within the voluntary sector, but this can often prove a complex and time consuming procedure and is subject to scrutiny from directors, supporters, the media and the public.

That is why we have developed the Lawbase Grants Administration System, to ensure that this vital function can be performed with the minimum of complications and prevent organisations such as your own wasting their time, effort and hard- earned money.

Lawbase Grants Administration System Allows you to record and monitor a grant from the initial application letter to the expiry of the award term , including Review scores and committee verdicts; name, address and salary details of all staff or support workers involved; and a full financial record of all claims and payments made.

Lawbase Grants Administration System encompasses;

  • Application Assessment.
  • An Expert's Database to enable you to select and appoint Reviewers, Committee Members, Interview Panels and Inspection Teams.
  • A Personal History facility to record past applications or review judgements of all listed individuals.
  • Tailored range of Keywords and subject codes to facilitate application classification and expert selection.
  • Data Collection Routines to establish and process all information required during the assessment and administration of a grant.
  • Automatic Production of Standard Letters and Documents, plus a range of ad hoc letters.
  • Committee Agendas and Minutes.
  • Fully Diarised Case Management to direct and shape individual and departmental workflow.
  • Financial Monitoring and Management Information.
  • Comprehensive Contacts Database.
  • Telephony, Fax and Email Options.
  • Postcode Addressing.
  • Flexible Reporting Facilities.