As a charity you will be well aware that productivity levels and financial management are as important to you as they are to the worlds of commerce and industry. Yet the popular expectations of charitable organisations demand that the practicalities of management are not seen to detract from or encroach upon benevolent intentions.

Legacy Administration is one of the areas in which this conflict is most apparent. Your charity, like many others, may well be dependent upon bequests for its survival and success. Consequently, you need to ensure that distributions are received in full and without unnecessary delay, but you must be seen to behave in as sympathetic and personal a manner as possible at all times.

Lawbase Legacy Administration will enable you to regulate and increase the efficiency of your collection and administration procedures without compromising the flexibility and sensitivity demanded of the legacy sector. Designed in conjunction with a leading charity, this package offers a means to save your Legacy Department's time, money and concern: all within one affordable and package.

Smee & Ford notifications received via email automatically open a new case in legacy automatically improving efficiency.

Lawbase Legacy Administration enables you to efficiently manage all cases using the following routines.

  • Data Collection Routines to set up and process all information required within a case.
  • Automatic Production of all standard letters and documents, plus a range of ad hoc letters.
  • Fully Diarised Case Management to direct and shape the workflow of all cases.
  • Financial Monitoring and Management Information.
  • Comprehensive Contacts Database.
  • Telephony.
  • Postcode Addressing.
  • Flexible Reporting Facilities.
  • Interfaces to your Accounts and Legacy Marketing systems